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North Carolina Wheelin' Sportsmen Events

One of the NWTF's most promising partnerships, Wheelin' Sportsmen gives people with disabilities the chance to experience the outdoors. Whether it's for the first time or a reintroduction into outdoor activities, Wheelin' Sportsmen brings back the joy of the wild to those with disabilities.

Through events like Wheelin' Sportsmen's women's deer hunts or Ultimate Team-Ups, which pair hunters with diabilities with experienced hunting companions, able-bodied persons can join in the fun of putting the outdoors back into a person's life.

For more information on the Wheelin' Sportsmen program, email us at

WS YadkinValley-SurryLongspursBenefit,NC

Event Date: Aug. 1, 2015
Location: Depot Ln.
Dobson, NC
Contact: Manus Mcmillian
Phone: (336) 789-4986

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