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2015 NWTF Convention Exclusive

3 Killer Spring Decoy Setups

The Do's and Don'ts of Opening Day

Mulching Means More Habitat

Matters of Course, Locating Turkeys with your Ears

Critical Calling Clinic

Avoid the Biggest Mistake

Situate Yourself for Success

Use Water to Your Advantage

Be a Straight Shooter

Hunt the Country

Touch-Down Conundrum

Look for Surrounding Birds

Reader's Tips - Good Vibrations

How to Make and Use a Wingbone Turkey Call

Go With Aluminum

Making Taxidermy Mount Decisions

Sign Language Scouting

The Secret to Finding Fall Birds

Bust 'Em Up - Scattering Fall Flocks

Find that Flock - Locating Fall Gobblers

10 Advanced Fall Turkey Hunting Tactics

Gear Up for Fall Hunting

Try a New Slate Shape

Educate Yourself To Call Better

Kids and the Outdoors: Ensuring the Future of Hunting

Practice Make Perfect When Bowhunting Turkeys

Choosing the Right Hunting Blind

Own a Single-Sided Box Call

Get To Know: Mouth Call Cuts

Loading Muzzleloaders For Turkeys

Is Your Aim Point Accurate?

Judging Distance

After the Hunt: Mounting Decisions

A Full-Body Mount

Wild Turkey Cape

Fan Mount

Spur Necklace

Decoy Tips

Take the Shot and Recover Your Turkey

Firebreaks Make Good Food Plots

Turn Your Logging Deck into a Food Plot

7 Tips for Pattern Perfection

Mowing for Wildlife

Firearm Safety videos

Best Bowhunting Setups for Turkeys

Protect Your Firearms When Traveling

Gobble Calls, Fact or Fiction?

Set Ups for Success

Get to Know: Strikers

Sit and Hunt in Comfort

Game Cams for Gobblers

Intro to Turkey Doggin’

Tag-Teaming a Turkey

Food Plot Prep: August Plans for Later Hunts

Get to Know: Diaphragm Mouth Calls

Get to Know: Owl Calls

Get to Know: Pot & Peg Calls

Maps Provide Power

Turkey Spur Necklace

Easy wick bar

Easy Target Holder

PVC Tiller Extension

Take Your Best Shot

Land Management for Turkeys and Doves on a Budget

Traveling with Firearms

Pots & Pegs: 5 Tips for Turkey Call Maintenance

9 Tips for a Successful Spring Turkey Hunt

Set Your Sights on a Gobbler

Secrets of a Good Setup

Concentrate on Camoflauge

Pre-Season Prep

Sporting Arms Savvy

Staying Legal — After the Hunt

Tools of the Trade — The “Dirty” Dozen

Lights, Camera … Satisfaction: Deer Cam Tactics

Get Your Hunt Camp Ready for the Season

Beginner's Guide to Turkey Calls & Calling

Prepare Your Turkey for the Taxidermist

Back Off

A Little Call Care Goes a Long Way

Drying Up a Mud Hole

Pattern Perfection

Create A Honey Hole for Hunting

You Ask, We Answer

Readers' Tips: Get Connected with Your ATV

Seeds of Success: Fertilizer

Readers' Tips: Cover Your Scent

Safety: Treestand Safety Guidelines

Waterproofing Your Firearms

Hunters don't have to worry about getting their favorite firearms wet if they waterproof them.

NWTF Members' Tips

Little Things Sometimes Block Successful Shots

Fine-Tuning Your Turkey Gun

Sappy Traditions, Rosin Up Your Call

Preparing for the Turkey Woods

Start Now Creating Wildlife Openings

Establishing Native Warm Season Grasses For Upland Wildlife

Get the tips and tricks you need for reestablishing native grasses and forbs.

Making a Turkey Cape

Looking for a great way to show off that tom? Try a wild turkey cape instead of an expensive mount.

Top Ten Tips for Better Outdoor Photography

Making a Feather Wreath

Making a feather wreath with the kids is a great indoor activity for when the weather is bad.

Fall Turkey Hunting: Think Safety, Hunt Safely

In Pennsylvania, fall turkey hunting is just as important as spring gobbler hunting. Bob Kasun with the NWTF's Pennsylvania State Chapter wrote this story to remind hunters that fall turkey hunting has its own issues and safety is everyone's business.

Staying Scent Free

Create a Hunter for Life

The Perfect Zero

Sight your rifle in the correct way with these tips from the NWTF.

Six Tips for Growing Food Plot Grasses

Planting native grasses in your food plot provides many advantages to turkeys and other wildlife using your land. These hints from the NWTF's wildlife biologists will help you get the most out of your planting.

Landowner Appreciation

As summer slowly turns to fall and a hunter's mind drifts back to the woods, it is important not to forget the people who make days afield possible for many of us--landowners on whose property we hunt.

Get the News Out

Promoting your event is easier that it looks.

Misconceptions of Wild Turkey Management

Take into consideration a few misconcieved ideas the next time you set out to do some wild turkey land management. You could be doing more harm than good.

Cleaning Your Wild Turkey

If you're a turkey hunter, you're used to making decisions. And, after choosing the right turkey loads, camouflage, decoys and calls before entering the spring woods, it's a relief when the final decision of the hunt is how to care for and cook your bird.

Choosing the Right Shotgun this Turkey Season

The level of sophistication in firearms available to the turkey hunter has followed the same path as turkey calls. As more hunters have joined the sport, manufacturers have responded to their needs by making shotguns with features ideally matched to the turkey woods.

Hunters: STAY FIT

While hunting is about having fun, keep your health in mind with these tips for staying healthy this spring.

Tube Calls - Give them a Try

The tube call is a popular caller for many of the nation's top turkey hunters. With it, a hunter can make virtually every sound in a turkey's vocabulary from yelps to purrs to gobbles. Using a tube call takes practice and patience.

Turkey Hunter’s Checklist

While you will not need every item on this list to kill a turkey, any given situation can make you wish you had packed your bag a little more completely. The following turkey hunter's checklist will help you prepare for the most rugged to the simplest of adventures.

Fading Out?

Does your camo lose its color after a few washings? Follow these tips from Rob Keck and Jim Crumley and blend in better in the woods!

Public Land Paradise

Turkey hunting season is fast approaching, and it's time to make plans for that spring hunt. And, what better - and inexpensive - way to kill that gobbler than on the thousands of acres of public hunting land across the nation?

Hunters: Get Fit

It's time to think about getting in shape for the spring season. Check out these tips to get yourself healthy for turkey season.

Hunting Merriam’s Wild Turkeys

Defensive Turkey Hunting Tactics

A safe turkey hunter, like a safe driver, is defensive minded. Below are tips one should consider.

NWTF's Dress for Success Rules

Decoy Tips and Tactics

Proper Firearm Handling

Bagging Birds with Your Bow

Bowhunting for wild turkeys takes patience and skill that often deters many hunters. But, it's nothing you can't handle. If you prefer big game hunting, think of a wild turkey bowhunt as spring training. Following are some helpful tips from avid bowhunter and Turkey Call magazine editor, Jason Gilbertson:

A Turkey Hunter’s Code of Conduct

ATV Tips for Hunters!

Try these tips from the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council ( to keep your next outing fun and safe.

Help Stop Poaching!

Help law enforcement officers keep poachers from taking turkeys and other game species out of season by following these tips from Wade Spence, the NWTF's Kansas Wildlife Officer of the Year.

Going Buggy?

Keep your beard, cape and fan collections free of those pesky moths and carpet beetles with Rob Keck's trophy care tips.

Caring for Your Taxidermy

A little care goes a long way toward protecting those valuable trophies.

Make a Spur Necklace

Show off those long spurs by wearing them as a necklace or stringing them around your favorite wide-brimmed hat!

A Dozen Afternoon Approaches

Often overlooked by most hunters, afternoon hunts can be a productive time for those men and women determined to get their gobbler. By: Jim Casada

Quiet Time Strategy

Don't give up when the gobblers quiet down! Changing your tactics as the season progresses will keep you in the woods longer and increase your chances of success!

Slate Call Maintenance

Pot and peg calls, also known as slate calls because of the primary material they were once made of, now come in a variety of surfaces. Whether your call is made of glass, aluminum, slate or some other material, using some general maintenance rules can make them last for many hunting seasons.

Box Call Maintenance

A good box call is one of the most costly calls to buy, but proper care in the field and regular maintenance will turn that crafted piece of wood into a loyal companion in the turkey woods for many years.

Mouth Call Maintenance

As the season comes to a close, one way to get a jump on next year is to make sure you keep your calls in good working order. This is particularly true of your mouth calls, which can dry out if not properly stored.

Finding Public Hunting Grounds

It's one of the greatest challenges facing every hunter. No, it's not calling in that longbeard or figuring out how to get the tightest pattern out of your shotgun. It's finding a good place to hunt. While a small handful of hunters own their own land and even more are able to join hunt clubs and leases, many others search every year for that perfect spot. And for a lot of these hunters, it means finding good public land.

Hunting Osceola Wild Turkeys

The green, palmetto-choked landscape of central and southern Florida is home to the Osceola wild turkey. But like in any turkey hunt, success begins with lots of planning.

Protecting Our Hunting Heritage

Dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

Hunting Gould's Wild Turkeys

Probably some of the most unique turkey hunting in the world can be found in the northern and central parts of Mexico where the Gould's wild turkey lives and thrives.

Learn the Breeding Cycle of a Wild Turkey

Let's face it, we will never know exactly what a gobbler is thinking. However, we have a good idea of what his motives are during the spring.

Helping Your Local Conservation Law Enforcement Officer

Many hunters are only too eager to assist wildlife law enforcement officers in their efforts to arrest poachers, stop trespassers and prevent polluters from dumping trash. After all, every one of us cares about and wants to protect our natural resources. But few hunters realize the single most important tool in assisting these officers just might be their cell phone.

What You Need for Muzzleloading

Caring for a black-powder shotgun is fairly simple. All you really need are percussion caps, powder, wads and shot, and a way to carry it to the field.

Pecking Order: Recognizing the Dominant Gobbler

Most of us would like to shoot the biggest, oldest gobbler on our property. The problem is that it can be hard to tell which gobbler this is until you actually have him in hand.

The Hardy One

The American wild turkey is an extremely hardy bird, having great resistance to the elements. It is able to withstand low temperatures and periods of fasting.

Quick Targets

Small farms near each other can be productive as they provide a hunter with pockets of land over a wider area. Nonetheless, the same principle behind quick hitting small properties can work on big ones as well.

Jot It Down

Some hunters are content to simply spend a day in the big hardwoods, while others hope to bring home a longbeard. Unfortunately, methods that produced during the spring may be worthless in the fall. Successful methods vary between the two seasons.

Open Places

Openings and fields are important to wild turkeys. In the summer, the majority of the turkey's food sources are found in open, sunny places.

Safety Tips for Fall Turkey Hunters

With the air cool and crisp and the color of leaves hanging to brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, autumn is a great time to be outdoors. But just like spring, safety is always a top priority when hunting.

Going for the Gould’s

The Gould's wild turkey is the largest of the five subspecies and somewhat resembles the Merriam's due to its white tail feathers. They have longer legs, larger feet and larger center tail feathers than any other type of wild turkey.

Sighting In

Prior to the start of hunting season, many hunters head to the range, set up a turkey target at 40 yards, pull the trigger and are satisfied that their pattern is more than adequate. So they put their shotgun back in its case until opening morning.

Turkey Fan Mounting

Taxidermy is a great way to show off a trophy harvest, but it sometimes can get expensive. Check out our comprehensive tips on preparing a fan mount.

Cleaning Your Bird

Turkey hunting is tough enough, but what are you planning to do with that bird once you harvest it? Find out all the secrets of going from field to table with wild turkey.

Range Estimation Made Easy

Bowhunting for deer and shotgunning wild turkeys share the similar attributes of short-range big game hunting pursuits.



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